Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Waking Up

So, the year is over... This semester was terrible. After I arrived form the U.S., I had to catch up with so many things I barely had a social life this semester. An my final grades were kinda lame...I had 6 final exams this semester, the most I have ever had (and they kept me busy the past two weeks, non-stop). By last week's Tuesday, I still had two finals left, but I was so exhausted that as soon as I opened a book, I inmediately felt asleep. I had my last final on saturday (at 7am), and right before the teacher started giving us the exams, I realized I had forgotten everything I had learnt in the past 5 months. I felt so relieved when it was over...after the exam, it was all fun that weekend. I went downtwn shopping at the flee markets (If you ever travel to Colombia, you have to visit them, we have some amazing handcrafts here), went to the movies and watched The Prestige (Hugh Jackman's chest should be illegal-great movie, by the way), got drunk with some friends from high school, so many things I hadn't done because of University stuff. I realized that I've a little bit more than a month before I get back to classes, and have some real fun. It's only fair, after all the hard work I did this semester.

My iPod is playing: and all-time favorite: One More Time, Daft Punk.

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