Thursday, December 21, 2006

Driving Lessons

In less than 9 months I'll be 20 years Old. Not only I look a lot younger (thanks to my parents' genetics, I have the height and the face of a teenager) , but I feel a lot younger. It's like three years of college haven't had that much of an impact on me. But I've decided that I still have time to change that, before my birthday. You know how a lot of people make a list of things they would've liked to do before they reached certain age? Well, I'm writing mine with the things I'd like to accomplish before my 20th birthday. It's not ready yet (It'll be my next post), but one of the points of the list is taking driving lessons. For different reasons, I've always avoided them. Personally, I think I'll be the worst driver ever, for several reasons: First, the only driving experience I have so far comes from playing Mario Kart, where crushing other people's cars was an OK practice, and the breaks weren't really useful. And second, I'm the clumsiest guy ever. When I was in the US, I became famous between my co-workers because of the amusing stories of work accidents I had there.
But I put it in the list because I've always considered driving is a display of maturity. You see, driving in Bogota is a serious deal. You have to be aware of the crazy bus driver trying to pick up a passenger even if it means crashing your car, or watch for the numerous bumps on the streets so you don't lose a tire in the middle of the road, or trying not to run over the people crossing the street where they shouldn't, all at the same time. And for me, if you can succesfully handle all those obstacles, you're officialy a responsable grown up.
I've already made the appointment at the driving academy, and I'll start the lessons in january. Until then, I'll be preparing myself for it (well, if you can call preparing just having a lot of nightmares of car accidents involving me as the main character).

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