Friday, December 22, 2006

The 20th birthday wish list

So after a lot of thinking, I realized these are the things I'd like to do before my 20th birthday. Some of them are really childlish (which is weird since the whole idea of the list is that it'll be a symbol of my adulthood), but I just thought I've been too stressed out about things, and realized maybe I haven't enjoyed some things in life. So here's the list, Hopefully I'll get some opinions about it:
  1. Getting a driver's license (See prev. Post)
  2. Organizing (getting rid of) the piles of exams, homeworks, notebooks, etc. that I've accumulated all around the house since I was in high school.
  3. Going Backpacking. Since I was very young, my friends from high school and I have planned on going backpacking trough latinamerica, or Maybe the US. But we've never really done anything about it, just because we've been too lazy. Chances I'll do it next summer are really small, because I'll probably have to take summer classes if I want to graduate in 2008, so I'll extend the deadline for this point of the list until december of 2007.
  4. Running the Half-Marathon of Bogota: when I was younger, I used to practice tennis and swimming. But as I grew older, I also became too lazy to wake up for sports practice, so I eventually dropped it. But because of my lack of physical activity and my terrible mood, every time I'm under a lot of stress (during finals, for example), the muscles in my back and neck collapse, and I start feeling like I slept over a pile of rocks. So I decided I'm going to start doing exercise again. I think joining a gym is the best option, since there are a lot of different exercises you can do, and people who can tell you what exercises are better for you. And the best way of showing my improved physical condition will be running the Half-Marathon, which takes place in July. I know if I had to run tomorrow, I'd pass out at some point of the first 5 miles. But hopefully that'll change in the next seven months.
  5. Going to NYC: I'm in love with New York, but I've never been there. The hole idea of a city that has such a rich cultural diversity makes me very excited. I know it sounds very stereotypical, being the latin guy who thinks NYC represents the oportunity of fulfilling his dreams, etc. NYC means to me the ideal life i'd love to live: a city that doens't sleep, a vibrant place where you have a lot of options in food, entertainment, culture, a place that gathers a lot of influences from different parts of the world, and that idea just makes me crazy. It all depends of what happens at college next semester...(I also want to go backpacking, so there are a lot of things I want to do next summer, but won't happen if I have to stay if I have to take summer classes).
When I started writing this post, I thought there would be a lot of things on this list. But I realized that it's not so much about what I want to do before I'm 20, It's the person I want to be before I'm 20. I want to stop being so lazy, and start doing things on my own. I want to stop being afraid, and finally start living. I feel like there's an entire wolrd of experiences and emotions waiting for me to discover them, But I have chosen to keep my Life on Hold while I try to figure thing out. And I don't want that anymore (hahaha I'm finally becoming an adult!!!!)

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