Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Haunted Weekend

It all started on friday afternoon. After our last class finished, I told some friends to go to the Juan Valdez Cafe in downtown. The cafe is located in La Candelaria, the historical neighborhood in Bogota, and is surrounded by universities, museums and libraries. It was 4pm, and the streets were really crowded with all the people leaving their colleges, most of them going in he opposite way. I was talking to one of my friends, when I looked at a small group of people walking towards us. When I looked at their faces, I inmediately recognized Eddie among them.

Eddie is 30 yrs old, and I met him on a chatroom about a year ago. I used to like chatrooms not because I wanted tohook up with guys, but because I liked talking to guys, finding out what turns them on, etc. And one day, I met him. He's really good looking, interesting and fun, but he's specially HORNY (The very first time we chatted he gave me a full display of his masturbatory skills through the webcam). We kept in touch through e-mails, and everytime we chatted through messenger, he put himself in front of the webcam. I think he's really hot, but for some reason I'd never wanted to meet him in person. Although I've seen his body and his face a lot of times, everytime we chat, or everytime I see his dick on the webcam I feel like I'm watching a stranger, and I like that kind of mistery. He has had several relationships since we met, but he kept asking me to get together, and I kept telling him I didn't want to ruin that feeling.

I spotted him first. A lot of thoughts went through my mind:
  1. He's going to talk to me.
  2. He's going to talk to me, in front of my friends.
  3. My friends are going to notice what kind of friend he is.
  4. The end of the world.
  5. He's hotter than what the webcam makes him look like.
We were like a half a block away from each other when our eyes crossed. I think I looked like I was seeing a ghost, or something. He knows I haven't outed to anyone, and I know he probably wouldn't have done anything that could have exposed me in front of my friends. But then the adrenaline took control of my brain. Right when his group of friends was in front of mine, I almost pushed my friends off the sidewalk, and went across the street. Luckily for us, there weren't any cars on the street at that time, because I made them jump to the street so suddenly they wouldn't have had time to tell the color of the car running over them. They all looked at me with a strange look on their face, and I just told them I wanted to go first to a pizza place on that side of the street. I didn't look back to see Eddie's reaction, I just kept walking. I felt awful about it the rest of the day. I wanted to call Eddie and apologize as soon as I got home. But right when we were drinking our last drop of espresso, a friend called us and told us to go to bi place, and then out for a couple of beers, so I arrived home at 3am on saturday.

I was really busy on saturday, and I called him at 4pm, but he wasn't home. I didn't call him back, I mean...not that we're a couple, or anything. I sent him an e-mail telling him what happened. He'll understand. But what happened on friday, almost having my friends and I getting hit by a car just to run away from a guy I met on a gay chatroom, has been floating over my head...I'll have to get out of the closet soon, I don't think I can live scared for too much longer...

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Not so Single Guy said...

Great blog mate. Good to hear interesting blogs from Colombia. I like the Juan Valdes coffee shops