Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too much spare time

I've already been "working" for about a month. And I say "working" because a regular day at work is this: I get there at 8:30, talk a little with the people I work with, then I read Stendhal's "The Red and the Black", then check Facebook (when access isn't blocked by the internal server), then we go out for lunch at 12:30pm, go back to the office at 2pm, read again, maybe listening to music for a while, and maybe talking to a friend on the phone about what we're going to do next weekend, until I go home at 5:30pm. Oh, yeah, and ocasionally, I get the honor to go print some important document, or arranging some presentations for my boss to see. And that's it.

Since I have so much spare time, there has been one thought which has occupied most of my days: There are a lot of young guys, some of them very cute, which I think it's surprising, taking into account I work at a financial corporation. If I think about the circle of around 20 guys I already know there, about 8 of them are very cute, and one of them is just gorgeus (tall, green eyes, amazing body, shoe size, probably over 12...and you know what that means). But what really interests me is: supposedly, 1 out of ten guys is gay, right? So in average, out of the whole bunch, there would have to be at least two gay guys. I suppose I can claim one of those spots, but then, who's the other one?
I studied each guy's behaviors, but my study wasn't conclusive. I shortlisted a couple of them, but there was no evidence to point any of them as guilty of homosexual charges...Gorgeous Guy is the stronger candidate, but it's probably because I want him to be gay...althougn he does have certain attitudes, but it's probably my imagination...Could it be that the 1:10 proportion isn't accurate? How could I possibly fidn it out?

I just hope I start getting more work to do, or in five months, when my internship is over, I'll be an expert in homosexual behavior, but I won't have learnt a thing about credit cards or interest rates.

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