Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My friend Will comes out of the closet !!!

Oh, so You're Gay too?

Will and I have been friends for about two and a half years. I had taken some classes with him, but we didn't really hng out or anything. We didn't became friends until we traveled with our friends to the U.S. on summer 2006. He was my roomate when we were working at an amusement park, so I got to know him a lot better while we were there. At first I thought he was gay, based on his addiction to Madonna, and other attitudes he had. But after a while, I totally dismissed the idea: he talked about girls, and he kinda flirted with several of his female coworkers at the park( I actually wrote a post almost two years ago about how straight I thought he was, in spite of the evidence). I mean, we met several cute guys in the U.S., some of them gay, and being my roomate, I would've noticed if something was going on with them, right? Well, I guess I was wrong.
One day, he and and a friend of ours, Cat, suggested to go for some Ice Cream. While we were going there, they were giggling and laughing, and I had no idea what was going on (My friends and I had always thought they had something going on, but we never knew for sure). When we got to the restaurant, we ordered, and they were still laughing. I told them I was upset about not knowing what the hell they were laughing about, so Cat said: "OK, Will has something important to tell you". I looked at him, and he said "I'm gay".

I didn't know what to say. I mean, as a closeted gay, I had to give a straight enough answer, which was weird, since I always get a funny face when one of my friends talks about someone being, And this was by far a bigger deal. So I just looked at him, and improvised:

Me: OK...stop kidding about that or I'm gonna start believing you're actually gay.
Will: You don't believe me? I'm telling you the truth. I'm gay.
Me: Are you serious? (I had to make sure he wasn't kidding)
Will: Yeah, man. Are You upset?
Me: No, not at all. Why should I be?
Will: I don't know...some people freak out. Kat did...
Cat: hahaha yeah, it's true...sorry, Will
Will: You can tell me if you're freaking out, you know?
Me: I'm not freaking out. In fact, I like men too.

I didn't see that coming. I had worked very hard on keeping my straight image in front of my friends, but I just thought it'd be cool to tell him, since he totally understand what it means coming out to anyone...

Will (face of panic): What?????
Cat (Face of panic): What?????
Me: Uhmmm... yeah. What do you think I was doing those nights I didn't stay at the hostel in NYC? I was at a gay bar! (I didn't tell them any of the raunchy details, of course...)
Will: Really? I did the same thing!!

So we spent the next hour eating ice cream and telling each other how we were simultaneously visiting gay bars at NYC, while trying to hide it from each other. It was really funny that we had traveled for two consecutive summers to the U.S., did gay stuff, and neither of us found out about each other's secret activities. I do have to say I never imagined we'd be having that conversation when Cat suggested to go for some ice cream.

Getting Over It

That was over two months ago. And we still can't get over us being gay. I don't know what we talked about before that night, but now, all we talk about is: "So, how many boyfriends have you had?", "Which gay bars have you been to?" "Who else knows?" etc. etc. I mean, I guess curiosity is normal in a case like this, but it's getting a little ridiculous. We are basically acting like two straight guys dealing with a friend being gay: Everytime one of us makes a comment about a guy being hot, the other one makes a "Dude, that's discusting" face, but then says "yeah, he is". I don't know, I guess it's because we met thinking each other was straight, so we are used to him acting that way. Good thing is, I have now someone I can share some things I had never talked about.


lovesickbilly said...

This is GREAT! I had a similar experience with a college room mate, but the coming out happened years later. Good for you guys, and props to Kat for being the Katalyst.

Mr Rainbow Man said...

COming out is an experience to cherish. It is also a sense of pride as well as belonging....