Sunday, January 27, 2008


It was friday night, and some friends from high school and I decided to go out and have some drinks. We ended up in one of the best places for having cocktails in Bogota, called Marmara. At first It was just three of us, and Friend #3 would join us later. So ordered our first round of cocktails, and then some apetizers. By the time we finished that round, we were already kinda dizzy, and just talking bullshit. We started talking about girlfriends, and relationships, and...I thought it was the perfect time to come out to them:

Me (imagine a drunk voice): uhmmm guys, I want to tell you something, because you're my best frriends, and I carrre about you...I'm gay.
Friend #1: Oh..OK.
Friend #2: Oh, I see. Do you guys want another round?
Me: So you guys are totally OK with that?
Friend #1: I don't really give a shit.
Friend #2: Yeah, me neither. You can do whatever you want with your own ass...haha

I was kind of dissapointed they didn't ake a big deal out of it. I know they wouldn't say something like "It's OK, and you know you can count on us", 'cause it's just not our style to be outspokenly supportive between us...but at least I expected some questions.

Anyway, we kept drinking, got another round of cocktails (I ordered one called Windex, and if you think the name has some resemblance to a brand of sanitizer, it's not a coincidence...its alcohol content must be on the limit of alcohol tolerance for humans). I remember I had drunk over half of the cocktail, and then...a blackout.

The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed at 11:30 am. Except for a headache, I felt fine. I stayed in bed for a minute just trying to remeber what had happened the previous night. So I called my friends to see if they could give me some clues about the previous night:

Me: Dude, what happened last night? I don't remember anything.
Friend#1: Man...last night was a little wild.
Me: What the hell did I do?
Friend #1: Well, after Friend #3 got to the bar, we ordered some more drinks, and...
Me: wait, so Friend #3 finally got there? I don't remember!

So the conversation went on, and what I was able to reconstruct was this:

Friend #3 got to the bar around 11pm. We ordered another round of cocktail, and then we went to another bar and bought a bottle of aguardiente ((Colombia's most famous Tequila is in Mexico). After we finished it, we left the bar and took a cab to Friend #3's place, and joined some of his friends, who were drinking aguardiente in a nearby park. My friends say at some point around 3am, I passed out in the grass, while they kept drinking. Then, I stood up quickly and started to...well, throw up (sorry about the detail). I actually have a very blurry memory of Friend #1 holding me as I got out of my system every single thing I had eaten that day.
My friends say we took a cab after that, and headed home (Friend #1 and #2 live like 5 min away from my apartment). They told me than when I got off the taxi, I couldn't stand on my feet, so they actually had to take me to my apartment. They don't really remember how the apartment door was opened, or how I got to my room.
I didn't start feeling the hangover until the afternoon, when A friend called me to go to a gay bar. Just the thought of the smell of alcohol made me sick (I still went to the bar, I just didn't drink anything). In the end, I had a good time that friday night, since it had been a long time since we got together and talk nonsense while slowly killing our brains with alcohol. Plus, they all know I'm gay now, which means I don't have to lie to them anymore. I guess it's good that all of my high school friends are straight...I don't think I would've liked to wake up the next morning with one of them on my side :)


Ben said...

Heheh...its always fun to let lose and just enjoy yourself. But to blackout totally is freaky.

That happened on my birthday two years ago. I remember I started making out with random people and dancing like a fool for God knows how long. And, the fact that I puked like all over too. Which I only remember ever so vaguely. Maybe that's best! Heheh...dontcha think so?!

redgalaxoid said...

No, I'd rather do crazy stuff but still remembering the next day, instead of waking up having no idea of what you did.

Actually, my first blackout ever was on my last birthday. It's been four months since that night, and I'm still finding out things (Last thing I was told, was that I made out with a random girl, and then I was totally flirting with a random guy, in front of my straight friends).

Lovesick Billy said...

1) thanks for the amazing comment, I literally got choked up reading it to Sam, because you were so dead-on.
2) it's so much fun to watch you go through this process, coming out to your friends. you should be proud of yourself, and the good news is that it gets easier... soon you won't have to drink a bottle of aguardiente to do it. ;)

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I'm happy for you.. its nice to be able to talk about it to someone.

Give them time.. they'll be more open and talkative later.. possibly when they realise you were serious and not taking bullshit coz you were drunk.

Its great.

redgalaxoid said...

Lovesick billy: I'm glad you like my comment. And it's true what you say, it does get easier...but I think we would've drank all that aguardiente anyway :)

Soul Seared Dreamer: You're right, I talked to one of them yeasterday, and we talked some more about it...he told me it just wasn't a big deal for them, and they were totally cool with me going to gay bars and stuff...I think we're all supportive to each other, we're just not used to talk about it.