Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gay Sensei

For about 5 years, I've been in gay chatrooms, and met the weirdest people ever. I've heard everything: guys asking me if I'd like to be fucked wearing women's clothes, or inviting me to a motel near the airport to have sex, and of course the worst one, a guy who once invited me to a "golden shower orgy" (eeeeeeeeeeeew).

Luckily, I've also met some really nice people. For example, I once talked to a chemical engineer who I had a lot in common, so we became friends very quickly. I probably talked for the first time to him about a year ago, and we've kept talking frequently after that. He's 25, and he has a lot more experience in the gay world than I do, so he's the one I always tell my silly adventures , seeking for some kind of advice (Which bars I should go to, tips to approach guys, and how to tune in my gaydar know, basic stuff every gay man need to, and that's why I started calling him Gay Sensei. As weird as it sounds, we had never talked about meeting face to face until last week. He was the one who suggested it, but he didn't know if I was willing to have a beer with another guy without caring what other people thought about us (He knows I'm not just too much into the closet, but also a very shy guy).

But I decided I didn't care, and I wanted to meet him. So after I got out of work, we met and went for a couple of beers (which ended up being 6 rounds of beer). It was the funniest night ever. We have soo much in common:
- We're both the size of a stamp , so we shared our sad stories and the trauma of always being the shortest guy everywhere we went (actually, I'm 5'4'', and he's 5'3'', so it made me feel a little bit better to have a friend shorter than me).
- We both have a very dark sense of humor, so we made a competition of the most offensive comments we have ever said to others (I won!).
- He's an engineer, but is really into literature and arts, so I was able to talk to him about how hard it's been for me to choose a career (I still haven't made up my mind between Engineering and Film Making).

I have to say it was a completely innocent gathering, no atraction involved. We talked for about five hours, and I felt like we had been friends forever. And it was great, because he told me a lot of things about his experience when he was coming out of the closet, so it's always nice to meet someone who can give you a different perspective (Will is also just starting to come out, so there's not a lot of experience he can share with me, and well, there wasn't really a lot of talking with Hot Asian Guy, to mention the most recent examples).
It's also nice to realize that internet can be used for meeting really valuable people, and not just creepy freaks ready to hump the first guy they find (not that people who do that bothers me, but I'm just not into that anymore).


Mr Rainbow Man said...

Just wondering, how do you access these gay chatrooms? I have no idea at all? Any addresses?

mstpbound said...

it's not impossible to meet a nice person via internet (even! i met a past bf of two years from