Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yep, I'm going back to the US

I'll be the king of New York (just for a few days, but I'll be the king)

This semester has been crazy. I've felt out of breath for most of it, but it's been fun. It's like I'm finally feeling like I belong somewhere, and for the first time I think I'm in the right place, about college, life...a lot of things.

And after a lot of thinking, I decided to go back to the US for the summer. In two weeks, I'll be working at the same place I did last time. Not that I felt in love with frying french fries, being yelled at by angry sun-burned costumers or washing dishes until midnight, I actually hated all that while I was there. But for some reason, right now I can only remember the good moments of that summer. Going out, hanging out with people from different parts of the world, being without my parents watching my every move, being on my own. And those memories are a lot stronger than the idea of serving fast food for 6.95 an hour, for 10 weeks.

I wanted to go somewhere else, not staying in the same small town where the best plan besides going to the only local pub was going to Walmart. I wanted to get something maybe in Boston, NYC of Philadelphia, so I could spend my time off work walking around, visiting tourist spots and taking lots of photographs, intead of just hanging out at the local Applebee's.
But as I said, things were to crazy this semester, and I really didn't have time to look for an employer who wanted to hire a colombian guy for two and a half months. Plus, all my friends are going back too, so I dedided to join them. And I guess if I get too bored, I can quit my job, go to the highway and travel as a hitchhiker for the rest of the summer.

Last year took some days off and traveled to Chicago, a city I love with all my heart, and I really want to go back to. But this time, I want to go NYC first. I want to conquer NYC. Unfortunately, I think I'll only have 4 or 5 days to spend there, so I want to make the most of it...I want to go to the obvious tour stops, but I also want to visit those places that most tourists never go to, but they're equally interesting. Maybe even going to Chelsea or West Village and imagining what it would be like to be gay in a more open society (man, I'm so closeted :-) ). Although last summer I went to Boystown in Chicago and felt alone and vulnerable like a new born puppy...but I had to go anyway.

The point is I want to the most things I can in 4 days. So if anyone is reading this, please give me some recommendations of what you consider the must-do things in NY in a quick trip. I'll really apreciate your comments.


savante said...

Take care in Boystown, sweetie. Lots of sharks out there.

mstpbound said...

haha i've only been to nyc twice and i'm terrified of the city. it's so big, and complicated, and crowded. i can't even make sense of the subway; there are so many lines all over the place...

JUSTIN said...

Chicago loves you right back!

Anonymous said...

guess i'm too late for this comment, but you know what they say "better late than never"... hope you succeeded in nyc. i love that place and if i had a chance to live there, i certainly would! the subway's pretty easy to use and the city's pretty intuitive in itself. go to SoHo and that area in lower Manhattan! but don't ignore the Brooklyn area! LOTS to do and see there -- and in Queens, the bridges, the parks, everything! Of course you gotta spend time in Central Park -- people-watching... I love that!

BTW, I'm Brazilian -- ex-pat -- the world's my home. Lived in FL for years, and now I'm in Poland! :)