Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some complaints

The trip to the US is killing me. People from the travel agency are always asking me to call them every single minute to check on the airplane tickets or and the travel insurance, and then I have to spend an hour on hold just for them to tell me that there's a mistake on the fight dates, and that for some reason I have to make yet another payment to them, or that they'll call me back when they have information for me. But of course, they're completely uncapable of calling me back when they're supposed to, and therefore I had to purchase airplane tickets for 300 dolars more than I was supposed to, plus, I've had to make several 1 hour trips to their office to pick up some unnecesary document I'll never be asked for, when I'm supposed to be studying for my finals.

Anyway, most of the paperwork is done, so pretty much the only thing left is actually traveling. As part of the incompetence I mentioned before, I wasn't able to get the same tickets than the rest of my friends, so I'll be traveling alone the 5 hours from Bogota to NYC, and then the 2 hours to Minneapolis. I'm not the luckiest guy on Earth, so my guess is that even though I have two and a half hours to get through immigration and reach the Minneapolis connection in JFK , which is more that the time they recommend for and international connection, something will probably go wrong, and I won't be able to reack my connection, which means I'll be stuck in the airport until I catch the next flight.

One thing I hate about having to travel on sunday night is that I'll have no time to settle things down before I leave. My last final exam is on saturday night (at least it won't be like last year, when I actually had to leave my last final and then rushing to the airport), and as the rest of my classes, I won't get the grades until I'm thousands of miles away, so I won't be able to talk to teachers and beg for a better grade (not that I like doing that, only in special cases).

But the thing I hate the most, is that I'LL HAVE TO CUT MY HAIR!!! my curly, fun brown hair, which is by far longer than what my employer allows, and because of its volume, it's imposible to hide it under a baseball cap. Well, since I have to do it anyway, I think I 'll pull of a Britney and shave my head...


mstpbound said...

wow. traveling sucks. why don't you book flights yourself? do you have to go through a travel agent? i've also never known anyone with curly hair very well. :) it must be hot. ;)

redgalaxoid said...

Since I'm going on a Work and Travel program, I have to do all the paperwork through a travel agency. And this particular one required to buy the tickets with them...Which totally sucks.

Oh, and my curly hair was hot...Now I look like a 10 year old guy from a catholic school.