Monday, February 05, 2007

My Right Eye

Today was a terrible day. The alarm rang at 5:30am, and after a few minutes of laying in bed, I realized my right eye felt weird. I looked myself in the mirror, and my eye was as big as a baseball. Plus, it was so red I just thought it was going to pop out any minute. Anyway, I had an important presentation from 7 to 10 am, so I couldn't miss that class as much as I wanted to. So I took the sunglasses and went straight to class, hoping noone would notice me. Which is impossible, since I bought the biggest sunglasses I could find, following the eye doctor's orders.

At 7am, the temperature was about 3ºC ( 38ºF). I don't need to say how ridiculous I looked wearing sunglasses inside the classroom, while we were all freezing to death. The good thing is the sunglasses are really dark, so I could watch withouth being watched. There's this guy I don't even remember his name (So I'll call him HotShirtGuy), who was only wearing a fitted cotton shirt and low-rise jeans (I don't know how, since I was wearing two sweaters and I still couldn't feel my arms), so he looked really hot this morning. We went outisde the classrom and made a circle around our projects, and while everybody was discussing how appropiate the use of Alka-Seltzer in an artwork can be, I enjoyed looking at the guy's chest peeking through his shirt. I mean, my eye was hurting really bad, so at least I could use it to look at something good, right?

But then the class ended, and I hadn't anything good to look at, so the pain came back. I had to make an emergency visit to the eye-doctor, who game me a bottle of eye drops, and told me to visit him of friday...those eyedrops really helped, since the eye isn't so red anymore, althought it's still very swollen. He also told me to wear the sunglasses as much as I could, to avoid direct light into my eyes. So I'll have to wear my Matrix-like sunglasses again...I just hope I'll bump into HotShirtGuy again, and taking some advantage of my disease.

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