Friday, May 25, 2007

Final thoughts before I leave to the US

I'm taking a 10 min. break from studying for my last final, to write about some things going on:

Tomorrow I have my last final exam. My Phisics II final exam. It's an exam that I should've taken like two and a half years ago, when I was supposed to have taken this class. I took it two times, put after the first months or so, I got too scared about me being a total idiot for phisics, so I always saved it for next semester. But this time, I'm finally facing my fears. My posibilities are really good, since I only need to answer right 4 out of 25 questions to get a 3 over 5 grade on the class (which for you american guys would be loke getting a C, I think). I'm really tired right now, I've spent two weeks making all kinds of exams, papers and presentations, so right now I can barely concentrate on that damn exam. But I know I cant' be too confident, so right now, so I have no choice but studying for it (even though I could be partying with my friends from college who did took Phisics when they were supposed to, so finals are over for them). Which is basically the reason why I'm writing a post on a friday night. And after I publish it, I'll keep studying that damn Phisics book until Einstein himself would want me to teach him some things (So picture the Rocky scene where he starts getting ready for the fight, just instead of running and training, I'm doing lots of thermodinamics exercises).

Today I realized something funny. Since two months ago I finally got my driver's licence (which doesn't speak too well about the colombian transit authorities), I'll be able to drive the car my friends and I will buy after me arrive to Minnesota. I just want to say in advance, as Stephen recommended me, I'm sorry for terrorizing the streets, I'm sorry if you get stuck behind me because I can't get my car started after I stop on the red light, and I'm sorry if I get on your way because I can't stay on one single lane, etc. (well, I'm not THAT bad, but I'm just taking precautions). Another funny thing is that my friends and I had agreed months ago that we'd buy a car as soon as we got there, so if any of us got earlier than the rest, he would start finding one. What they dind't count on, was that that person was going to be me. So the last couple of times we've spoken, they've kindly tried to tell me that they want me to be as far as I can from a car until there's a responsible adult with me (I'm an adult, just not a responsible one). And of course I agree with them, since my knowledge about mechanics is VERY limited, and I don't want to waste any money on a car that won't last more than two weeks, as we all did last year.

Yesterday I finally had a hair cut, which I hadn't for more than a year. After I left the beauty salon, I felt kinda naked (which is natural, since I lost like 6 inches of curly hair that protected me from the cold Bogota weather). I wasn't too happy about my new almost-bald look, but I got very good reviews from my female audience, so I'm more confident now. Plus, It won't be really be a big deal since I'll be wearing the stupid baseball cap included with my uniform at work. The funny thing is that I still try to play with my hair (which I did a lot when I'm stressed), even though my hair now isn't longer that my fingernails.

I'm sad because I won't be able to say good bye to some of my friends and my brothers. I know it's really stupid, since I'm only going for two and a half months, but ever since one time when I was like 8 years old that I dreamt about a plane crash the same night an American Airlines plane actually crashed near a colombian city called Cali, I've been a little scared about planes. Not in the hyperventilating kind of way, but I do get a little nervious about the idea of flying 5 hours over the Atlantic Ocean...I just want to say if the plane crashes and we get stuck on an empty island, I hope the rest of the passengers will be hot models or, in the worst case, porn actors.

One thing that really makes me want to kick my self is that while I'm trying to smile at angry costumers, my parents will be on a month trip to Europe. Since probably we're not going to be in touch for a while, last night I told them to go out and have dinner. It was the longest hour I've ever had. Unlike most family dinners, we didn't yell at each other or anything, but instead, be didn't spoke more than 10 words in the entire evening. I wonder what is it about us that we can't have a normal relationship! I mean, they could be kidnapped and be sacrificed by some savage french tribe and I'd never see them again!!! (well, maybe not). Not that I want the Gilmore Girls - kind of relationship with them, but I just think it's amazing the only thing they have to say to me is "how much money do you plan to spend?".

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll try to post about my american adventures, (hopefully some x rated ones, since most gay bloggers are used to much more exciting posts than the ones I write).
Oh and by the way, I'm still waiting for your suggestions of fun things to do in NY!


mstpbound said...

hey, i like what you write about. Just because it's not X-rated doesn't mean it's not interesting! I feel ya, wrt to the physics exam :)

Stephen said...

since i gave u good advice... i think we should meet in NYC so u can thank me in person. :)

and i think it is cute u call me stephen... only LBOJ and grinny call me stephen.

safe travels!