Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maye's birthday

Maye and I have been really close since our last year at high school (what in the US is called senior year, I think). I first met her when I was hitting on her best friend, Francesca(who I met while I was hitting on one of her friends, and deserves an entire post of her own), and we eventually ended up being really good friends. She's the one I tell everything to: The good, the bad, the boring. We both travelled to the US last summer, but we never saw each other (She was working at Yellowstone, and I was a couple of states away). Since we arrived like two weeks after classes started, we have been really busy trying to catch up with the readings, and exams, and stuff. So we hadn't had time to speak since we arrived.

It all sounds worse with beer on your brain

But it was her birthday last weekend, so we went out with her sister and a couple of friends to celebrate. Epic amount of Erdinger beer were consumed at the pub. We were all talking, and making jokes. I spent most of the night feeling really uncomfortable , as her cousin took every chance he had to touch my legs under the table as we were all speaking to each other. Not that I dislike another man's atention, I just don't like such a public display of it, less when I've decided to stay in the closet for a few months. Plus, I don't like him at all, so it was easy for me acting uncomfortable. Eventually, he noticed my lack of interest, so he gave up and went back to his beer glass.

Maye and I finally got to talk as we had wanted to. I had no idea she got her self a boyfriend as soon as she arrived, and by the first month of the relationship, she had already moved in with him. And obviosly, she had sex wih him. For the first time. Ever.

Now, I felt really happy for her, since she did it with someone she loved, and everything. But you have no idea how jealous I got...I just wanted to travel to Yellowstone and see what the guy was like...I was really close to making an ex-boyfriend-kind of-scene. Not that I feel atracted to her, or anything. But I mean, it was like she had been my secret place, where I kept all my secrets. And suddenly, some loser had just moved in and left me homeless. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's just what I felt at the time (of course, all the booze didn't make my mind much clearer). I guess I also feel bad about her not telling me about it until two months later. But as I said, we haven't had the time, and since I'm not a fan of long phone calls, it was hard for us to talk. That has to change, since I think She's the first person I'm going to tell I'm gay. Anytime soon.

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