Thursday, February 21, 2008

I think I'm having a middle age crisis...20 years too soon.

This week I've felt kinda weird. Like the fact that I'm making money and practicing what I've learnt at college (well, not really) doesn't matter to me. I'm feeling an uncomfortable emptyness in my being...

There has been a really important meeting out of town for all the "big kahunas" from the company I work at, which means there are no bosses around these days. Imagine a kindergarden without any teachers's been kinda crazy. We play loud music, play Wii all day (I've kick ass at Wii Sports hahaha), take 2+ hours for lunch, play jokes on each other...If we could only had access to Facebook, and we didn't have to wear a suit (nobody's telling us to wear it, but you know, we're supposed to act like adults, even when our bosses aren't around), it would be heaven.

The sad thing is that this couple of days have been by far the most exciting I've had in the two months of my internship. I'm starting to feel a little bored at work. All I do is taking a huge database, and getting all kinds of information from it. I know that it's just the beggining, and that as you get more responsability, it gets more interesting...but do I really want that?

My interest in filmmaking has increased dramatically in the last weeks, which I hate...I just wished I could feel safely atteched to one thing, instead of wondering eternally what do I want to do with my life. Roght now, all I have in my mind is joining an Exchange program and going to Canada or Australia (I really wished I could go to the U.K. or the U.S., but they're much more expensive...I hate you american and brittish guys) for at least a semester, before I graduate from College. I'm dying to know how college life is in another country (I already know how it is to be a waiter at a restaurant in a random US city, thanks to the Work and Travel programs I have done... now I want something more complex and less frustrating). Some information from fellow readers would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and for the first time in my life, I'm starting to feel like I want to be in a long term realtionship. Just to know what it feels like.


Anonymous said...

I have gone through phases like yours before. In fact, I'm going through one of them right now. I've been contemplating the idea of ditching school and becoming a model (although I doubt I would succeed as a model), just because life would be easy. I wouldn't have to study! I would just have to pose. And that's easy, regardless of what Tyra Banks says.

You should look into more Exchange Programs for the US. There should be some that are less expensive than programs in Australia (although Australia sounds more fun that the US).

Stuck in the middle with GOD said...

Dude, first up don't stress about life; I did at the age of about 20 and ended up having my mid-life crisis early, going on betablockers due to a heart flutter caused by stress, not

As to the experiencing the world. I'm moving to Australia in September from the UK on a work holiday visa (

Drop me an email or msn if you want to know more, good luck.

redgalaxoid said...

Actually, King Bitch, US and the UK are some of the most expensive ones. My first choice is Canada, although I haven't really researched for options.
And I will try to cut down on stress...otherwise I know I'm going on betablockers myself really